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When ordering from our Meet Your Needs menus, please let your server know, especially if there are allergies/sensitivities.

    Seasonal Beers


    Snowbird Juicy IPA
    ABV: 6
    IBU’S: 45
    MALT: 2 Row, Wheat, Malted Oats
    HOPS: Ella, Eldorado
    YEAST: Vermont Ale
    COLOR: Cloudy Gold
    CLARITY: None
    AROMA: Ripe oranges, fresh squeezed juice
    FLAVOUR: Soft mouthfeel, mild carbonation, pithy bitterness.


    Strawberry APA

    ABV: 5.25%
    IBU: 38
    MALT: Vienna
    HOPS: Comet, Simcoe
    YEAST: Ale
    AROMA: Piney hops and fresh strawberry aromas dominate, undertones of toasty malts and fruity esters
    FLAVOUR: Balanced maltiness, medium body, medium bitterness, hops and strawberries finish
    APPEARANCE: Strawberry blonde, unfiltered
    FRUIT: Strawberries
    TASTING NOTES: Strawberries and IPA – together at last! This beer plays off the interactions and similarities amongst beer and fruit flavours. The distinctive and enjoyable aroma of strawberries intermingle with piney and tropical hops as well as yeast-derived fruity esters.


    Shortest Day
    ABV: 4.5
    IBU’S: 30
    MALT: Base Malt, Chocolate Malt, Black Malt, Roasted Barley, Crystal Malts
    HOPS: East Kent Golding
    YEAST: California Ale
    COLOR: Black
    AROMA: Roasted malt,vanilla flavoured coee, hints of nutmeg and rum
    FLAVOUR: Medium carbonation, creamy mouthfeel, balanced bitterness, bittersweet finish